“Where memories begin”

Hunts, horses, adventures and all things outdoors

Hunts, horses, adventures and all things outdoors


When you become a partner outfitter with HNF Auctions you gain access to our exclusive list of hunters. We provide you with the opportunity to showcase your services without a middleman, outfitter to the hunter.

What To Expect

Expect to showcase and highlight your hunts just the way you want. We’ll help you film a video where you explain the specific details of a hunt or trip, then we’ll share that with our customers so they know what to expect. We’ll bring you customers who want exactly what you offer so you can provide a positive experience and be the hero

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Pre-book Hunts and Trips

Set the Expectations

Who We Are

HNF Auctions is a company rich in tradition and family. Generations of our family have participated in hunting and fishing and it has become a personal passion for us.

I began hunting at the tender age of seven. My Dad and I would spend endless days hunting and fishing and most importantly establishing a bond that never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

While I am thrilled to be able to continue pursuing my passion, I understand that this activity is not always an easy one to explore. It is our company’s mission to be able to bring this amazing experience to as many people as possible and to make that experience seamless and adventurous.

I also want to be able to pass on to our valued customers the preferential prices that we have managed to secure. There are many options available for this pursuit, but we would like to help you make an informed choice from these options.

We look forward to establishing or continuing a tradition of hunting and fishing with your friends and family.

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